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How to BeMORE Generous

How to BeMORE Generous is a podcast delivering bite sized teaching and inspiration on Generosity from ambassadors from within the BeMORE community.

How To Interpret Charities Annual Accounts

21st December 2020

Tim Dee


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Giving with your heart and your words

27th December 2020

Jackie Scully


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Giving- where do I start?

13th December 2020

Nathan Ghann


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Giving as a Principle

20th September 2020

Nathan Ghann


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With a new baby on the way and whilst creating a social enterprise, Nathan Ghann decided to join a BeMORE group. Giving financially was a stretch but a principle that has become a core life value. Nathan teaches how he managed his BeMORE giving and how he continues to drive forward a ripple effect of giving that continues to make a tangible difference. Find out why giving is worth it.

How cutting back on mindless spending can change the lives of many.

26th July 2020

Tobi Alli-Usman


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Have you ever found yourself buying something, you probably didn't need, without even really thinking about it? Learn how Tobi Alli-Usman, Trustee at BeMORE helped change the lives of many using a simple spending adjustment anyone can implement.

The Power of Gratitude

19th July 2020

Debbie Wright


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If we pause, just for a moment in lock-down, I wonder what springs to our minds - a void felt in our hearts or feelings of abundance and satisfaction? Lean in as Debbie Wright, Trustee of BeMORE, teaches how to harness the power of gratitude.

BeMORE: Giving with “the other” in mind

5th July 2020

Nathan Ghann


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We’ve all been guilty of favouring some people groups over others. It’s easier to help a neighbour who is like you than someone who seems different. Trustee of BeMORE, Nathan Ghann, tells the story of the Good Samaritan. He asks who is our neighbour? He then reveals the beauty of helping those neighbours suffering nearest to you. Lean in and be inspired.

Financial Giving Three Ways: No. 3, Giving Out of Abundance

14th June 2020

Nicolette Wolf


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Alongside Regular and Spontaneous Giving, Giving Out of Abundance is the final podcast in the series, Financial Giving Three Ways. Nicolette Wolf shares how giving to communicate value, honour and love is the most thrilling and freeing of all the different ways to give. Listen in and discover the joys of creating feel-good impact.

Financial Giving Three Ways: No. 2, Spontaneous Giving

8th June 2020

Nicolette Wolf


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Whilst planned regular giving is important, Spontaneous Giving is another crucial component to Financial Giving Three Ways. Nicolette Wolf shares four ways to prepare so that you are able to respond swiftly and boldly to crises and need as and when they arise.

Financial Giving Three Ways: No. 1, Regular Giving

1st June 2020

Nicolette Wolf


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Whilst it’s true that the UK is a “generous society”, most people give at a very low level. Given the amounts spent on non-essentials, adjusting our financial giving in small ways means it’s fairly easy to become one of the most generous givers in the country! Over the next three weeks, Nicolette Wolf will be teaching you how to manage your financial giving three ways. In this podcast, Nicolette discusses 'regular' methods of giving generously.

Undercurrent Giving

25th May 2020

Nicolette Wolf


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Lockdown provides the chance to dive down below the surface of the water of life and discover an energetic and active undercurrent of giving streams. Nicolette Wolf shares the story of one inspirational giver whose character and generosity modelled the lasting impact and legacy undercurrent giving can bring.

Love is the Source

18th May 2020

Nicolette Wolf


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Our desire to love and be loved is innately human and love fuels our capacity to give. Yet, what if our love banks are low? How can we respond generously when we feel in need ourselves? Nicolette Wolf helps us identify and build up our sources of love so that we are compelled to make differences that can reward us in return.

Living a Life of Generous Relationships

27th April 2020

Nicolette Wolf


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Relationships are the vehicles for generous impact. Yet, for many of us, building authentic and rewarding relationships is hard. Nicolette Wolf invites you to lean in and discover how to find true joy through life - giving generous relationships.

Responding in Challenging Times

17th April 2020

Nicolette Wolf


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In times of challenge, it is easy to retreat and choose not to step into being generous. Yet, generosity is greatly needed. Discover the four easy ways you can respond to start making differences that will save lives.

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