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Generous World Changers

The ultimate measure of a person is not where they stand in moments of convenience but where they stand in moments of challenge. Generous World Changers is a podcast capturing inspirational teaching and testimony from Generous trailblazers.

Generosity = Purpose with Dean Sanders

16th October 2020

Dean Sanders


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Dean Sanders, founder and chairman of GoodBrand, seeks to serve ‘challengers’, who are committed to changing the way their business creates value, by delivering strong economic performance and integrating positive social and environmental impact into their strategies.In his work Dean believes that imagination, courage and a commitment to serve the common good, are the hallmarks of the wise leaders of the future to whom we look to shape the positive role the private sector must assume for a more sustainable and balanced system.At BeMORE we are delighted to have Dean join us on our webinar and share his thoughts on generosity from an economic point of view, especially during these times of challenge of COVID 19. With international experience in a wide range of industries and sustainability focus areas- this is a fantastic webinar to listen to!

Secrets to a happier lifestyle through generosity.

4th August 2020

Cristina Escalante


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Did you know that a generous lifestyle can increase your levels of happiness and make you feel more satisfied? As the global pandemic has led to many re-evaluating their lifestyles, many have been questioning what is truly important and satisfying in our everyday life.An Executive Director at Goldman Sachs and Chairwomen at BeMORE, Cristina Escalante is passionate about inspiring others to embark on their own giving journeys and find more meaning and happiness in life.Cristina reveals the secrets to a happier lifestyle through generosity, drawing on her own experience as both a receiver and giver of generosity.

Give More – What’s Stopping You. Part 2.

14th July 2020

Lord Michael Hastings


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Join us in the second part of the series with Lord Michael Hastings of Scarisbrick MBE. We are thrilled that Michael has offered to continue to share his wealth of knowledge and experience of philanthropy with us. Commenting on the continuously changing pandemic culture we find ourselves in, Michael encourages you and gives you profound insights as to how you can begin and continue a lifestyle of giving. He shows you how even with a little - you can find joy through making a lasting difference to those in need.

How to Give During Uncertainty

28th June 2020

Cath Dovey


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The decision to give money away is a big one. When you have many calls on your time and resources, giving is a commitment to a way of life. Being able to learn, to find peers and get support is so important to enjoying this particular lifestyle choice. Covid-19 is a case in point – you may be more anxious that ever about your own security, so what is it going to take for you to remain committed to giving? Cath Dovey chats to Nicolette Wolf and advises us how.

Find Purpose Through Generosity

21st June 2020

Lee Behar


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Lee Behar is Strategy Director and Director of Finance for the Maclellan Foundation - they partner with the courageous to change the world. So, Lee knows a thing or two about generosity and how to create great impact. In conversation with Nicolette Wolf, Lee discusses how to find purpose through generosity, especially as the world faces the challenges of COVID-19. Listen and discover how you can begin, or even further your purpose through generosity.

To Give or Not to Give: That is the Question – Andrew Fisher

4th May 2020

Andrew Fisher


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Are your behaviours motivated by the love of money even when you know that giving money away makes you happier? Andrew Fisher challenges us to put money in its proper place. He teaches us how to steward our annual income and giving effectively and efficiently leading to a greater sense of life satisfaction.

Smart Giving

1st April 2020

Emma Turner


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Want to be a smart giver? Emma's philanthropic journey and experience reveals 5 practical methods to help make sure you are giving with the biggest impact.

What do we owe to the world around us?

1st April 2020

Lord Stephen Green


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"If we don't challenge ourselves in how we deploy our talents, time and financial capital then we will not fully mature as human beings." Lord Green shares 3 key tips in developing an instinct of generosity.

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