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Our Impact

Generosity is, the quality of being kind and generous. BeMORE is a charity that takes you on a personal journey of discovery whilst enabling other charities to thrive through your generosity.

Following attending our BeMORE experiences people leave having:

  • Increased their financial giving on average by 85% the following year;
  • Increased their volunteering on average by 175% the following year;
  • Reported a 33% rise in life satisfaction;
  • 100% reporting generosity as a core life value moving forward.

To date, BeMORE has achieved great impact giving giving £500,000 to 30 charities and importantly launched 160 members into living generously. Individuals are being transformed through the power of generosity and are continuing to pursue their personal call in shaping the course of world history.

BeMORE’s vision

BeMORE embeds generosity into culture through connecting, educating and inspiring people, passionate to make a difference in this world through living generously. We support our members in their journey to discover more through truly engaged giving and creating the framework for them to learn how they can have most impact.

Are you a charity looking for funding?

Unfortunately, we don’t let charities pitch or apply for funding from our groups, because we believe our members should discover causes themselves. Sorry that we can’t help you this time.

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