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Our Impact

We’re a charity that takes you on a personal journey of discovery and transformation whilst enabling other charities to thrive.

You find out more about who you are, what your purpose is and the amazing amount you offer the world. You identify your strengths, develop your leadership skills and leave with a toolkit on how to give well. You make friends for life and you are launched into a lifestyle of generosity that blesses you as you bless others incredibly.

Through BeMORE some members have become volunteers, Trustees or even set up their own social enterprises by themselves or with friends they met through the programme.

Our groups give on average £5,000 as well as their skills and talents to a charity project that they find and develop themselves.

BeMORE’s vision

The BeMORE Experience builds a culture of generosity into the heart of London through connecting, educating and inspiring people, passionate to make a difference in this world through living generously. We support our members in their journey to discover more through truly engaged giving and creating the framework for them to learn how they can have most impact.

Are you a charity looking for funding?

Unfortunately, we don’t let charities pitch or apply for funding from our groups, because we believe our members should discover causes themselves. Sorry that we can’t help you this time.

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