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BeMORE joins like-minded people passionate to explore, learn and make a real difference in the world through helping those in need. In giving groups of 6 people your task is to seek and give to a charity project to create maximum impact. Groups will meet in one cohort and have ample opportunity to network and mix with the other groups members as well as our BeMORE mentors, ambassadors and alumni throughout the programme.



Over 10 sessions run over three months you gather to share food, hear inspiring talks and are exposed to humanity and diversity that challenges your thinking. During the sessions, you split into your allocated giving group facilitated by your BeMORE mentor to explore and discuss a wide range of causes and ways to have impact, ultimately deciding who and how you want to help. We teach you how to seek out charities that meet your criteria. Together, you explore how to have tangible impact on the lives of others, and work hand-in-hand with your chosen charity to agree on a project to support. The BeMORE programme is written in partnership with Dr Beth Breeze, UK’s leading expert in giving and giving circles.



You collaborate your talents, money and time into your group’s shared giving pot – everyone will have different resources to offer and all will agree to a minimum entry financial donation of £500 into the group’s pot with the challenge to fundraise further. During the programme, all members have an invitation to up their giving following education on their personal capacity to give. This is achieved through a silent pledge to their mentor who then announces the new financial total in session 8. On average groups donate £10,000, as well as donating their skills if they are able.



You donate to the charity project you choose, helping those in need through being generous. You finish well not only with a big BeMORE giving celebration, but importantly with a tool kit on how to give well with developed leadership skills, friends for life and greater clarity on your life’s direction and meaning.

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Frequently asked questions

Q. How can I join the next BeMORE?

Q. How is BeMORE different from other charitable initiatives and ways of giving?

We understand that deciding who to help can be overwhelming. There are so many problems in the world that could benefit from your support, and so many ways that you personally could have a positive effect.

BeMORE gives you the opportunity to really explore how you can have most impact through your charitable giving. Starting with a completely blank sheet of paper BeMORE helps you end up discovering one project you’re really passionate about, where your gift will make new things possible and make a tangible difference to the lives of those you choose to help.

You’ll learn a huge amount too. When you’re in a group, you’ll spend 10 sessions typically run over three months having really important and vibrant discussions with peers about how and where and who you can help, and how to maximise the impact of the time, talents and money you give.

You’ll also meet face-to-face with the charities you consider giving to, so you’ll gain a deep understanding of exactly where your donations are going, and what or who they’re helping.

That’s a fun and interactive learning experience that few other ways of giving can offer.

So, we’re very proud that our members tell us their time spent thinking about how best to give to charity has a profound and lifelong impact on them.

Q. What does being in BeMORE group involve? How exactly does it work?

You’ll join a new group of up to 6 young professionals within our next BeMORE cohort of groups. Our public BeMORE programmes run after work, meeting for 10 sessions over three months. Anyone is welcome. We also offer a bespoke corporate programme which we can run in partnership with an organisation’s employee development and CSR programmes. These programmes can run over a variety of timeframes and sessions depending on need and desires. Come and chat to us about how we can run one at your organisation. Throughout the course of the sessions, you’ll spend a significant amount of time agreeing on the cause you want to address as a group.  So expect some fascinating and fun conversations about how to have impact in the world through giving!

Once your group has chosen a cause (which can take a few sessions), you’ll spend some time digging into that area and discovering different ways your group donation could effect change. You’ll typically research a few charities and projects that look likely to meet your funding criteria as a group, then meet with some of them to really get a handle on what your donation could do.

At the end of BeMORE, you donate your group’s shared pot to the charity, with a clear idea of exactly where your money is going. You can choose if you’d like to stay in touch with the charity to see how your impact develops. Lots of groups appreciate receiving updates, news and photos from their chosen charity, while some members volunteer or donate more individually. It’s entirely up to you.

Q. How much will I give throughout BeMORE?

You’ll give an entry gift of £500 (to be donated at the end of the programme to your group’s chosen charity), which works out as £5.50 a day for the three month duration – that’s less than a sandwich and cup of coffee in most places! If you’re a UK taxpayer, the government then adds 25% to this through Gift Aid – we’d love it if you were happy to donate this extra money to BeMORE to help us continue to realise our vision of educating, inspiring and transforming young city professionals into life-long effective philanthropic givers. During the programme you are invited to up your donation through a silent pledge to your mentor who will then announce the new shared financial total.

Of course, your money is multiplied massively because you’re giving within a group. Each member in a group gives the same initial amount. That means the charity project you choose will benefit from £2,500 – a huge amount that will have an amazing impact. You also have the opportunity to fundraise further. Some groups have been able to double their shared giving pot to £10,000 plus!

Q. Can I fundraise the money?

Yes, you’re welcome to raise your contribution to the shared pot however you like – whether that’s a personal donation, fundraising, or asking friends and family. You have the duration of BeMORE to generate the money, so there’s plenty of time to work it out.

Q. Can I use employer match-funding?

We warmly welcome employer match-funding, but we think it’s fairer if every individual in the group has to contribute the same amount to start with. So we ask that you personally source the £500, then get your employer to match-fund that £500.

That way, your group has an even bigger pot to give to a project you really believe in.

Q. How and when do I donate the money?

As part of the process of joining BeMORE  we recommend and will advise you on setting up an individual charity account with CAF or Stewardship, to make the giving money part really straightforward and you can press send to the charity of your choice simply.

You can choose whether to spread payments into your charity account throughout the programme (giving £5.50 a day for three months, say), or give a lump sum at the end of the programme.

If your employer offers GAYE or an equivalent scheme BeMORE will help advise you on arranging payment through this.

Q. How are groups formed? Can I form a group with friends?

We often organise the formation of groups, but you’re welcome to invite friends or create your own group of up to 6 people to join our next cohort. BeMORE can also be run in bars, member offices, cafes, faith centres and as part of an organisation’s employee development programmes. Just let us know what works for you and we can sort it out.

Q. Who will I be in a group with?

The other people in your group will usually be London professionals in their 20s and 30s. They could come from any industry or background, but they all have one thing in common: a desire to discover how to have greater impact through giving. You’re very welcome to invite friends to your group.

Q. What kind of help and support do we get throughout the BeMORE?

Your group will hear inspiring speakers and have a mentor who’ll join all your sessions guiding you through BeMORE. The mentor is usually someone who’s completed a BeMORE group and knows all the ins and outs of discovering and developing a lifestyle of generous giving. We’ve given them full training (and provide ongoing supervision) so they’ll be highly effective in supporting you to help you shape decisions. That means you and your group can have the impact you want while gaining what you want from the experience.

The BeMORE programme has been written in collaboration with Dr Beth Breeze, the UK’s leading expert in philanthropy and giving circles. As a member you also have access to BeMORE’s library of extra learning resources as well as opportunities to network and share insights through The BeMORE community. The BeMORE core team are always available to talk through any issues you’re having too.

BeMORE also invites BeMORE philanthropists to meet, inspire and support your group’s journey. These people have lots of experience of effective giving having usually been very successful in their careers. They are keen to help others develop the way they think about impact and giving. That said, most members find they enjoy learning most with and from peers in their groups, and from their mentor.

Q. Who is the BeMORE philanthropist?

BeMORE has a pool of incredible people who are ready and waiting to help others develop their thinking about giving!

The BeMORE philanthropist is often a little older than members, who’s typically had a very successful career and has lots of experience of effective giving. They’ll join a couple of your sessions, may speak and will be on-hand to inspire you think about how to have most impact through giving.

Q. How long will BeMORE run for?

The BeMORE public cohorts take three months – spanning 10 sessions including a Giving Celebration. Our corporate groups timeframes vary.

Q. How does my group choose a charity project?

Every group will have different conversations and different ways of deciding what to donate the shared pot of money to. But all groups follow a suggested structure. In the first couple of sessions, anyone who already has a cause they’re passionate about can talk through it, and everyone has the chance to talk through areas they’d like to explore.

Groups then explore different causes until they’re all happy to pursue just one with their shared pot. They’ll explore the various ways to tackle the problem they’re looking at, and research charities that could meet the criteria that they believe is most important. Members will meet with charities, and do joint and individual research, as well as drawing up funding criteria for potential projects.

We’ll provide you with the BeMORE programme, you’ll hear talks that help direct you and your mentor will always be there to guide you. You explore the causes and charities you want, in the way that best suits your group. And you’ll get ample opportunity to develop skills and areas of research that personally interest you.

Q. Can I volunteer as well as donate?

Absolutely. You don’t have to give your talents and time to your chosen charity, but all groups or individual members are welcome to volunteer their skills and time to projects they’re passionate about.

You’ll also be able to stay in touch with your charity once your group has finished, to see how your donation is effecting change over time, if you like.

Q. What happens when BeMORE is finished?

An important part of the BeMORE process is being part of the BeMORE community and ‘paying it forward’, by offering continuing financial support or helping us to spread the word. When your group has completed its programme, you may like to host a dinner to share the BeMORE experience with friends keen to make a positive difference in the world, to invite them to join BeMORE.

As a member you become part of the BeMORE Community – a group of Londoners keen to pursue more impactful ways of giving and to discover causes they’re passionate about. We’ll connect you with further giving and charitable opportunities, such as other charity and philanthropy networks, relevant London events, interesting reports, and other opportunities.

We may also invite you to act as a mentor for a new BeMORE group, guiding them through the process.

Of course, the BeMORE community belongs to BeMORE members. So if you have ideas for events or projects you’d like to lead for the community, we’ll always warmly welcome them.

Q. When is the start date?

We run our public cohorts termly. Click on “Book your place” at the top of our website to see details of our next BeMORE Experience.

Q. Can I talk to the BeMORE team to find out more?

Sure – just fill out this quick form and we’ll drop you a line as soon as we can.

Q. I'm interested in being a BeMORE philanthropist, how can I find out more?

Please email our CEO Nicolette Wolf

Q. Can I help BeMORE by supporting running costs?

We welcome support with running costs. Please email our CEO Nicolette Wolf

Q. Can I run a BeMORE workshop in my organisation?

Yes! Please email our CEO Nicolette Wolf

Q. How can I become a BeMORE group mentor?

We normally ask our mentors to join as members first so they can experience the BeMORE group experience first-hand. Email us to talk through mentoring options.

Q. I'd like to find out how my organisation can become a strategic partner of BeMORE

Please email our CEO Nicolette Wolf


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