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A BeMORE group donated £27,000 to Tomorrow’s People

This BeMORE group gave their time as well as a £27,000 donation to the Hammersmith branch of this employment charity in 2011/12. The group funded and volunteered for programmes that helped young people disadvantaged in the employment market. BeMORE members ran a session on personal financial budgeting and funded staff costs for a youth project in Hammersmith, supporting more than 40 young people.

From the start, the members of the group were very interested in our work. They visited our programme for young people running in Hammersmith and asked us a lot of searching questions - which we loved answering. Getting to know the members of the group allowed us to fully explain the way we work, and how we use donations.

The group offered us advice and support along the way. It is refreshing to be able to engage directly and over a sustained period with donors. This challenges misconceptions on both sides and ultimately makes it a meaningful experience for all involved.

Wendy Baverstock, business director – London, Tomorrow’s People

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