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A BeMORE group donated £18,500 to Doctors for Madagascar

This BeMORE group’s £18,500 donation contributed two-thirds of the costs of a new hospital ward building in Hopitaly Zoara, Fotadrevo, Madagascar. That meant a fully-equipped new room with 20 hospital beds for men, women and children in a severely deprived area, where there was previously extremely limited access to healthcare.

Hopitaly Zoara is the only surgical hospital in a vast area of southern Madagascar, and patients come from miles around, often on foot, to be treated. Being able to provide better and more permanent facilities has hugely improved treatment and care, and has allowed the hospital for the first time to accommodate international specialists for longer periods.

More personally, we really had fun working with the BeMORE group. They were thoughtful, asked challenging questions and engaged with the complexities of the project - but also brought a huge amount of enthusiasm and motivation. Thank you!

Hannah Watson, Trustee, Doctors for Madagascar UK

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