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Ready to find more meaning in your life?

You are joining a diverse group of individuals who are all seeking to find more meaning in life. Explore generosity, have your thinking challenge, learn and make a real difference in the world through helping those in need.

The BeMORE experience is seven sessions long, occurring on Monday evenings via Zoom. You’ll meet new people from across the UK, hear inspiring talks, share ideas and collaborate your time, talents and money to your BeMORE giving group.

We have taken BeMORE online

Each BeMore session includes fun teaching on how to be more generous and a chance to help societal need through living generosity.

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Once you have booked your place we will allocate you to the next available programme and give you the start date.

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  • Don't know where to start? Start with the people and spaces that are close to your heart and go from there.

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