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BeMORE online starts this Monday!

You are joining with like-minded people passionate to explore, learn and make a real difference in the world through helping those in need.

Over the 7 weekly sessions BeMORE experience you’ll meet new people, hear inspiring talks, share ideas and collaborate your time, talents and money in BeMORE giving groups; finding more purpose and meaning through being generous.

A new BeMORE launches every Monday evening 19.30 BST with each session including fun teaching on how to be more generous and a chance to help societal need through living generosity.

What happens when I book my place?

Once you have booked your place we will allocate you to the next available programme and give you the start date.

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact us at 

Below you will find more information about the BeMORE process.

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BeMORE, Autumn 2020

With your shared pot of money, skills and talents seek and give to a charity project to create maximum impact.

Make sure to add the BeMORE dates to your diary

Mondays, 6.30pm – 9.00pm
at Kantar Consulting | 24-28 Bloomsbury Way | London WC1A 2SL | UK

Session 1: 28th September
Session 2: 5th October
Session 3: 12th October
Session 4: 19th October
Session 5: 26th October
Key Note Speaker: 2nd November - Richard Briance

Session 6: 16th November
Session 7: 23rd November

Giving Celebration: 7th December

Let's go...

We are taking you on a journey of personal discovery and transformation. In your groups, and as individuals, you will find out more about who you are, what your purpose is and the amazing amount you offer the world.

You will be exposed to humanity and diversity that will challenge your thinking. You will identify your strengths and develop your leadership skills. You’ll finish with a tool kit on how to give well. You’ll make friends for life. And you will be launched into a lifestyle of generosity – a life adventure that will reward you while you reward others incredibly.

Give what you can

Whilst your group starts with £0 in your group shared giving pot we assume that in joining BeMORE you are willing to give financially into your group shared pot too. You must be able to donate this money to your group’s chosen charity on or close to early December 2019. An individual’s ability to gift money will vary so financial pledges will not be disclosed to your fellow group members rather the group’s total pooled financial gift will be announced in session 6.


Nicolette Wolf

Nicolette Wolf

Nicolette is CEO of BeMORE. She is passionate about its mission to educate and inspire young professionals to make a difference through living generously. She first trained as an opera singer and actress, before turning her attention to coaching within the business world. Nicolette is the founder of Marcus-Wolf, delivering leadership and communication coaching. She is passionate about the power of generosity to transform lives.

Nathan Ghann

Nathan Ghann

Nathan Ghann is the founding director of The Educate Group an education consultancy that partners with Higher Education providers to ensure students from under-represented and deprived backgrounds achieve their full potential whilst at University. Alongside this Nathan is a Visiting Lecturer and consults on areas of diversity and inclusion within Higher Education sector. 

Nathan wanted to continue supporting BeMORE after participating in the BeMORE programme himself. He and his group donated to the kinship care charity Grandparents+ whose mission it is to help support the families of children who are at risk of being placed into care. His passion is to see young people achieve their potential and contribute positively to the wider society. 

Join us and hear Nathan share his thoughts on Generosity as a principle.

Jackie Scully

Jackie Scully

Jackie Scully is a professional with a purpose. By day, she is the Executive Director of a content marketing and travel media business, working with charities and not for profits to help them tell valuable stories and encourage giving. By night, she is a passionate volunteer, trustee, fundraiser (involving increasing-difficult endurance challenges) and kindness and exercise advocate, choosing to give back after a diagnosis of breast cancer in 2014, at the age of 32.

Jackie joined us on BeMORE to try and turn her cause-driven approach to giving into an impact-driven one. What she discovered on her journey towards generosity is that you need both your head and your heart to make a difference - and make life more meaningful. 

Sponsor someone’s experience

Your place on this BeMORE experience is free thanks to the generosity of those who have gone before and “paid it forward” by sponsoring places on the next experience. Generosity creates generosity as our community is inspired to help spread the message of generosity. We want to ensure there are very few barriers to spreading this message and the impact generosity creates. We are on an exciting journey. We invite you to be a part of it, giving what you can so that together we can take ownership and make BeMORE’s vision to embed generosity into culture a reality. Please give here.

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Ready to start your generosity journey?

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