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You are joining with like-minded people passionate to explore, learn and make a real difference in the world through helping those in need.

Over the 10 sessions BeMORE programme you’ll meet new people, share food, hear inspiring talks, and collaborate your time, talents and money in BeMORE giving groups, discovering more through being generous.

BeMORE, Spring 2019

With your shared pot of money, skills and talents seek and give to a charity project to create maximum impact.

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Mondays, 6.30pm – 9.00pm
at Kantar Consulting, 24–28 Bloomsbury Way, London, WC1A 2SL

Session 1: 21st January
Session 2: 28th January

Session 3: 4th February
Session 4: 11th February
Session 5: 18th February
Session 6: 25th February

Session 7: 4th March
Session 8: 11th March
Session 9: 18th March

Session 10: 1st April

BeMORE, Autumn 2019
dates to be confirmed

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We are taking you on a journey of personal discovery and transformation. In your groups, and as individuals, you will find out more about who you are, what your purpose is and the amazing amount you offer the world.

You will be exposed to humanity and diversity that will challenge your thinking. You will identify your strengths and develop your leadership skills. You’ll finish with a tool kit on how to give well. You’ll make friends for life. And you will be launched into a lifestyle of generosity – a life adventure that will bless you while you bless other incredibly.


Gary Grant

Gary Grant

Gary Grant is the Founder and Chairman of The Entertainer. It was founded in 1981 by husband and wife team, Gary and Catherine Grant, who instilled the driving force and mission; to be the best-loved toyshop – one child, one community at a time. Today, it continues to be a privately-owned family company and is renowned for being the largest independent toy retailer in the UK with a total of 150 stores and a successful website platform.

Although Gary runs a highly successful business, ethics always come first for example, it has a Sunday closing policy as it believes its staff work hard so it reserves the day for them to relax with their friends and family! The Entertainer is also recognised for its charitable giving. Each year it tithes 10% of its net annual profit to charity, in addition employees are encouraged to donate directly through Payroll Giving. The Entertainer is also an active member of the Pennies scheme, the digital upgrade of the traditional charity box, which enables customers to donate a few pence to charity at the point of sale when paying by card. On average, this generates an impressive £5,000 of customer donations to Children’s hospitals each week.

Nicolette Wolf

Nicolette Wolf

Nicolette is CEO of BeMORE. She is passionate about its mission to educate and inspire young professionals to make a difference through living generously. She first trained as an opera singer and actress, before turning her attention to coaching within the business world. Nicolette is the founder of Marcus-Wolf, delivering leadership and communication coaching. She is passionate about the power of generosity to transform lives.

Keith Johnson

Keith Johnson

Keith is Chairman of BeMORE, founder of the executive business consultancy Kingshill Coaching, and on a number of boards in non-executive director capacities. Alongside this and a past extensive career of leadership roles within Rio Tinto and BG Group, Keith has been actively involved in charity and philanthropy. Generosity is a core family value which over the last 30 years has led to trips to help social action projects in Durban, becoming a long-term supporter of Global Care, an international children’s charity and being a trustee of Christian youth charity, Soul Survivor.

Noreen Makosewe

Noreen Makosewe

Noreen Makosewe is an international strategy advisor, leadership consultant, futurist, speaker and philanthropist with a passion for enhancing human capital for higher performance. She's also the founder of The Radical Leap Company providing strategy and growth solutions within business. Her desire to make a difference drives her support for philanthropic and humanitarian causes that address issues faced by women and young people. Noreen is currently: Board Advisor for the British International Institute of Leadership & Management; Strategic Partner & Lead Mentor of Unlocking Women & Technology by iSpace Foundation; Engage & Grow™ Strategist to Africa (Employee Engagement); Creator of Start-Up Box™ and Creator of Female Founders Africa© - building 100 future-ready female-led businesses by 2030.

Andrew Fisher

Andrew Fisher

Andrew has been a Trustee of BeMORE since 2015. He is a keen supporter of many charitable causes across homelessness, education and youth work. He recognises the importance of offering other young professional the opportunity to identify causes they care about and then helping them to get involved. Andrew is a Managing Director at Goldman Sachs, where he has worked since 2005.

Programme Fees

What’s the programme fee?

The programme fees are £250. Your place will be confirmed once payment is received - spaces fill up fast on a first come, first serve basis.

Please support BeMORE

We are a charity and will run thanks to the generosity of others. Our current members’ generosity helps support the launch of the next group of people into a lifetime of generous giving.

Pay fee (£250)

You are also agreeing to donate a minimum donation of £500 into your group’s shared giving pot (we will ask you to donate this money to your group’s chosen charity on or close to 1st April 2019)

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