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Lucy’s BeMORE experience story

I’ve always been interested in living generously, but when I started earning money after University I wanted to do more than just flit around giving my time and money in ad hoc and sometimes ineffective ways. I was instantly grabbed by BeMORE; the opportunity to start a journey of philanthropy with other young professionals in London with the support network provided by BeMORE.

Before being part of aBeMORE group, I was a bit overwhelmed by the charitable sector and based my decisions on charities to support on word of mouth or what family and friends were involved in rather than actually engaging with a charities work and aims. Through the process I learnt more than I could have done in any other context about what I care about, what to look for in a potential charity to support and what charities actually do with the money they receive. I am now far more aware of what it means to give my money and time effectively.

Being part of BeMORE was one of the most enjoyable experiences I have had. Key to this is that as a group you have the opportunity to give a donation of up to £20,000. And when you have the promise of a donation of this size you have a unique opportunity to work closely with a charity to find the best use of that money. This was exposure that, that in our groups current stages in life, we would not have had without being part of BeMORE. So in that respect, BeMORE provides a completely unique opportunity to learn about philanthropy from an accelerated position.

From a professional perspective, the opportunity to work as a team with people who have different perspectives to find a charitable project you all agree on taught me a lot about teamwork and how to come to an agreement.

It is very easy to have the intention to give your time and money, but fail to act upon that intention. Part of the reason for this is that it can be difficult to know where to begin and how to have an impact beyond giving a monthly donation to a charity. BeMORE enables you to work out how to turn this intention into a reality and have a brilliant time doing it.

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