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“What’s the next step?”

October 19th 2017

A question I still find it difficult to answer. Nicolette Wolf, CEO of BeMORE asked my team this question after our final BeMORE presentation. As far as we were concerned this was the end of a year long process to choose a deserving charity to donate one thousand of our hard earned pounds to.

We had spent the last few weeks prepping a presentation to explain our process and name our chosen charity to a group of friends, family and fellow BeMORE people. The slide deck was ready, our audience were sat comfortably and the last minute tweaks were fresh in our minds. We even had a giant cheque to hand over.

As we spoke we clicked through slides featuring pictures of us from every monthly meeting. A visual review of the year as much as a verbal one. Each of us talked about a different aspect of what we learnt – the importance of listening, of asking the right questions and staying true to our vision. Finally we opened up the floor and then we were asked the big question.

Some had inspiring and well thought out answers. But I was dumbfounded. Where does my giving journey go now? After a structured year-long process I hadn’t thought about the future. After 3 weeks I still don’t have any solid answers but I know that the last year of thinking and talking about giving responsibly with an interesting group of people with a wide variety of experience will help me. Maybe like one member of the group I’ll give 10% of my earnings to charity. Perhaps I’ll get involved with one of our runner up charities or become a mentor for another BeMORE group. Either way – watch this space!

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