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Ben Rochelle’s BeMORE experience

January 9th 2019

Being generous is good for you.

When we give something to another person there is a physiological response: our brain gets a boost of feel-good endorphins – the same ones associated with a runner’s high. Oxytocin, the same hormone released during intense exercise, floods the body, lowers stress and makes us feel more connected to other people.

BeMORE provides a channel for generosity. It brings people together from a range of jobs and backgrounds during a series of sessions, that run over two months, in groups of 6-8. Each group explores what it means to live generously and understands more about the causes that inspire them. There are talks at each session from lifelong dedicated philanthropists working in the heart of UK political and commercial life to leading academics studying the subject of human generosity.

Each BeMORE group finds the cause that motivates them before identifying charities that they would be interested in backing financially and with their own gifts and time guided in their search by experts in the area of giving. As part of the programme each member of the group puts in a minimum donation to their shared giving pot which goes to the charity they end up supporting.

My BeMORE group last autumn chose a charity whose aims and purpose resonated with us all – Children Heard and Seen. For a long time I’ve had an interest in prison reform and rehabilitation but never considered the impact the prison system can have on the children of prisoners. 60% of children who have parents in the prison system go onto offend themselves and children of prisoners are more likely to experience poverty, poor housing, social exclusion, poor physical health and aggressive behaviour. Children Heard and Seen steps into the life of a child who has a parent in prison at a pivotal time ensuring that the child has the critical support, encouragement and tuition that is needed.

Other BeMORE groups have donated nearly half a million pounds to a range of causes from creating new wards for a hospital in Madagascar; helping vulnerable young people find employment in London; and equipping formerly trafficked Eastern European women to start their own businesses.

The BeMORE experience has confirmed to me that as humans we are designed to give and live generously. This can take us out of our comfort zone at times but it’s also liberating and joyful uniting us to others in profound ways.

The next BeMORE Experience begins on Monday the 28th September 2020 in central London. Join us for seven inspirational sessions and begin your own journey to generosity. Monday nights will never be the same again!

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