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The Joy of Giving – A Journey of Generosity with BeMORE

April 29th 2020

The joy of generosity and giving isn’t something we ever talked a lot about. Growing up, we experienced generosity, but we didn’t talk about it very much.

In fact, never mind talking about giving and generosity, it’s hard to find the time to
even think about why to give, what to give to, how much to give.
That’s why I choose to journey with BeMORE to dedicate the time to explore giving with a group of like – minded individuals seeking to explore the same. 


There were three elements of the BeMORE experience that really enabled my generosity journey. The structure of the program, the accountability of doing it with a team and mentors, as well as the time it allowed me to reflect on my own giving and finances to enable my head and my heart to respond.  



Over the 12 weeks, we were guided through a structured journey with the BeMORE handbook. This allowed us to think about what causes we care about, why we care about them, assessing them and figuring out what we would like to give. Discussing that together, there were lots of different causes. It was helpful to have some shared criteria we all wanted to meet, for the charity and cause we choose to give to, a charity supporting children who care for others with mental health challenges, called Our Time. 



Doing this journey with a group of 6 others, meant I shared the experience with others. Every Monday night we gathered together to eat and chat and work through the next stage on our giving journey together. It helped to have that accountability to make sure I was preparing and reflecting from week to week and working through the various exercises we were encouraged to complete. 



Time is the most precious gift of all. And having 12 weeks dedicated to this process of reviewing my giving and generosity, and exploring what causes I was committed to, was a very refreshing and empowering opportunity. I reviewed what I was already giving to and what I wanted to give to and explored setting up a stewardship account to help me manage that better moving forward. 


The structure, accountability and time spent over the 12 weeks helped to line up my head and my heart. I continue to give generously and find a deep joy in doing it. I would recommend BeMORE to anyone seeking that same joy. 

Heather McCormick, BeMORE participant

The next BeMORE Experience begins on Monday the 28th September 2020 in central London. The programme will take place online if the current lockdown is still in place. Join us for seven inspirational sessions and begin your own journey to generosity. Monday nights will never be the same again!

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