Closure of BeMORE’s operations

After 10 years of successful operations encouraging generosity and philanthropy, BeMORE has come to the end of its natural life and is ceasing operations from the end of September, with formal closure of the charity to follow early in 2022. BeMORE’s trustees have taken the decision to cease operations and close the charity due to a variety of difficulties during the Pandemic. This decision preserves and honours the achievements of BeMORE over the past 10 years.

BeMORE’s initiatives and successes over the season of its active promotion of philanthropy have included:

- Starting over 180 individual giving journeys.
- Stimulating financial support to over 30 charities across the world.
- Raising almost half a million pounds through financial giving, plus supportive volunteer hours.

BeMORE is ceasing its activities with its affairs in good financial order. The balance of donor funds held by BeMORE are being transferred to The Maclellan Foundation to be reapplied to support further initiatives in the area of Christian philanthropy. BeMORE trustees remain committed to encouraging Christian stewardship, generosity and philanthropy and encourage supporters to continue their efforts and support in these areas.

Any questions can be addressed to

Kind regards,
BeMORE Trustees