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What if, instead of dreaming, you could start today and use your resources to change the world?

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We believe life’s greatest experiences come from caring for something bigger than ourselves

BeMORE is on a mission to connect, educate and inspire people, passionate to make a difference in the world through living generously.

The BeMORE experience builds a culture of generosity into the heart of London.

BeMORE has seen many young professionals experience how generosity can transform

“BeMORE has made me recognise how much I enjoy giving back and that it’s an integral part of who I am”

Sara Sherwani,
BeMORE Member

How it works


Join a group of 6-8 like-minded people


Meet over 7 sessions to learn and find a cause and project


Collaborate your time money and talents into a shared giving pot


Your group gives its shared pot to the charity project you choose

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Our impact

BeMORE groups have donated their skills and over £350,000 to great causes. Through BeMORE people have found and supported charity projects as important and diverse as a new ward for a hospital in Madagascar; helping vulnerable young Londoners find employment; and supporting formerly trafficked Eastern European women to start businesses.

Join the journey

Multiply your personal donation by giving in a group

Meet other like-minded people, join the community and make friends for life

Discover new causes, identify your strengths, develop your skills and explore how to have the most impact

Together, make a massive difference to a charity you meet face-to-face; helping those in need

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