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BeMORE's Impact

Since our foundation 9 years ago, BeMORE has helped transform 120 members into savvy givers. These members have generated £300,000 of charitable giving to enable projects as diverse as supporting vulnerable young people in London into work and stability; helping formerly-trafficked women in Eastern Europe start businesses; improving child literacy in local London schools; to building a hospital ward in Madagascar.

Through experiencing the BeMORE journey members have substantially increased:

The total number or organisations supported each year

Participation in efforts to address problems in the community

The degree to which they plan and budget for giving

(Reports from Angela M. Eikenberry’s survey “The Impact of BeMORE’s Past and Current Members”)

BeMORE’s vision

Our vision is that by the end of 2018 we want a further 300 members to have experienced the BeMORE programme, giving an extra £600,000 to charities. We will support them in their journey to discover truly engaged giving and creating the framework for them to discover how they can have most impact.

We hope to engage, inspire and educate the next generation of givers, and for our members to create a community of people dedicated to lifelong giving.

Are you a charity looking for funding?

Unfortunately, we don’t let charities pitch or apply for funding from our groups, because we believe our members should discover causes themselves. Sorry that we can’t help you this time.

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