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Members’ Stories – Sara

I started out the BeMORE journey

1) wanting to do something a bit different
2) wanting to understand a bit more about what motivates people (including myself!) to give
3) looking forward to working in a group of people who I didn’t know before
4) wanting to be challenged

I definitely think I did all of the above!

I think the biggest thing I’ll be taking away from this experience is the desire to do more research into small, local charities and also consider them when I’m thinking about giving.

Currently, for example, I give money to CAP who I think do incredible work BUT they are an established charity who are able to do some great fundraising comms. I’m really challenged to look out for charities who might only just be getting by and not in a position to produce lots of publicity but really need the money to keep going.

I’ve also been introduced to the world of metrics! Totally not how my brain usually works. I’m much more likely to be persuaded by my heart than any other due diligence but, I’m very grateful to this process for making me think about that side of things more.

That brings me nicely to working with the group – it was so great to have such a diverse group of people put together to make team Boomerang. I really valued being put with people I might not normally have socialised with and who’s brains work in a very different way to mine. There was much to learn from that and I’m really glad to have been a part of it.

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