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Members’ Stories – Asad & Zahra

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.” – Margaret Mead

Despite having ‘ticked’ the boxes that we are meant to in order to be perceived as ‘successful’ a void persisted for both of us that led us to ask questions such as:
– What is the true meaning of success?
– What opportunities would I have had, had I been born in a different part of the world?
– How can I have the greatest impact for helping others with limited time and resources?
Whilst we still don’t have the answers to all those questions, one thing we both knew then (and now even more so) is that life is indeed about caring for something much bigger than ourselves. This concept is at the very heart of BeMORE and what led us onto our subsequent journey.

Since joining BeMORE last year, we have been fortunate enough to meet an extremely talented like-minded group of people with varied and inspiring visions. The well-thought out structure of the programme under the guidance of our mentor allowed us to seamlessly progress session by session, exploring our individual and collective passions whilst being able to come to surprisingly harmonious decisions. Outside of the programme, we have also been able to benefit from the wider BeMORE network and a memorable ‘Community Dinner’ with Lord Michael Hastings.

We are now in the final stages of the process, having selected Breaking Barriers as our chosen charity. Breaking barriers was set up in 2014 as a UK based charity to help refugees rebuild their lives through education, training and employment. In the UK, there are 120,000 refugees who have the legal right to work yet 64% of them are unemployed despite 35% being university educated. Breaking Barriers is the only non-political charity in the UK that is addressing this issue. They provide training, workshops and collaborate with the private sector to find refugees jobs relevant to their skillset. It also targets young people integrate into society via language courses and higher education access.

We are working with CEO Matthew Powell on deciding how to specifically allocate not only our funds but also our skills and time to the cause beyond the 1o session BeMORE programme. Furthermore, the bank Asad currently works at has also selected Breaking Barriers as its nominated charity of the year. In that respect, it is pretty mind-blowing to think the impact we have been able to have because of BeMORE versus embarking on a similar journey individually.

BeMore’s model of engaged giving is a great way to keep a group collectively motivated as well as provide invaluable insight into the world of philanthropy. And why should we do anything to help at all? Because no matter what we think, a significant amount of outcomes in our lives are determined from the very moment we enter this world. This lottery of birth can be cruel to many people in our world and it is our duty to act. In the end a fairer world is a more prosperous world for all. If you agree with this, join the BeMORE community today if you have not already!
Siblings, Asad & Zahra, are the co-founders of “Humans in Finance”, which is a global movement to celebrate inspirational people in the financial services industry through storytelling. They hope to inspire, help build a financial services industry that is fit for the future and connect the industry to an audience around the world.

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